Investment opportunity

Advantages of Ukraine and Industry

  • 62% of Ukrainians are actively using the Internet, 35% of them via smartphones
  • Ukraine is one a major IT HUB in Europe
  • Percentage of debt on households in Ukraine is currently much smaller than in similar European countries
  • With Approx. USD 11.6 bln of cash in Ukraine currently outside the banking system — There is a high growth opportunity for online finance.

Company’s overview

The Company started business in 2009 and is currently the market leader in the online financial sector.

It operates two financial portals (websites) (one of the which is number  one in the sector), a partner’s brokerage network and a web site aimed at conference activities.

Business model involves two divisions – media and e-commerce with an ultimate goal to build an online financial supermarket. While the media business is mature and profit generating, the e-сommerce business requires investment and further development.

Revenue Breakdown (2017F)

  • E-Commerce (48%)
  • Media (52%)

Source: Company’s data

It is the largest online platform in Ukraine which:

  • Helps individuals to compare and select financial products, manage their personal finance
  • Sells financial products (loans, credit cards, bank deposits, insurance
  • Hosts a currency exchange online marketplace (FX)
  • Provides trustful ratings for the largest financial community
  • Owns the most recognizable brands in the B2B and B20 segments

Company has successfully closed several M&A deals, which moved the business to market leading positions

Focus on own direct traffic of over 35MM monthly visitors (according to Google Analytics) from media resources enables to operate an efficient business model: financial media portal – financial supermarket – financial broker.

Holding is planned as a vertically integrated marketplace tool to help users quickly and easily select and compare financial products directly from  providers

Almost a hundred professionals contribute to tremendous growth and development of the financial supermarket in both revenue and client satisfaction parameters.

The largest company in the market


of total Internet users


unique users


brand awareness