About Us

Treeum’s projects are largest and most recognized sources of financial information in Ukraine

The company started business in 2009. Currently it is a leading online platform in Ukraine for:

  • Price comparison for credit cards, loans and other bank products.
  • Trustful bank ratings and user reviews.
  • High-quality media content and news on business and finance.
  • Online marketplace for currency exchange.

Treeum owns the most recognizable brands in B2C segment (Finance.ua, Minfin.com.ua) and B2B segment (Finline and Bank Online)

Our values

Ambitious goals



Innovations and new ideas

Treeum's Vision

To create the largest online marketplace for financial products

To become a recognized leader in providing access to financial services, products and information

To be one of the top-5 best employers in Ukrainian financial sector

Our leaders

These are the voices that shape our innovations.

Ivan Yevtushenko

Olga Yakovenko

Stanislav Tugolukov

Valeriia Bobkova

Sergii Vinderskih

Yevhen Izmailov