Who we are

We are a Ukraine-based team focused on attracting clients to the financial institutions.

We combine top-of-mind media and e-commerce websites in Ukraine.


Credit Cards
Bank Deposits
Intangible Goods


Production Of Quality Content
Media Advertising
Special Projects, PR
Companies Ratings
Organizing Conferences

Digital Services

B2B Services For Financial Sector
Currency Exchange Marketplace
Payment Services
Micro/Macroeconomics Indexes Database
Calculators, Geolocation Services & Other

Our projects

Financial media portal «Minfin»

Financial portal "Minfin" is a source of business information and a community of consumers of financial services. It covers the issues of banks, financial markets, business and economy.

Financial supermarket Finance ua

The first online financial supermarket - a completely new project for the Ukrainian Internet. A convenient tool for choosing and comparing financial products for end users.

Financial affiliate network Finline

Financial affiliate network Finline is designed for the selection and ordering of credit cards and cash loans. The affiliate program is designed for webmasters who have their own sites or are able to attract high-quality traffic.

Offline conference provider Bank Online

BankOnline is a place for live communication of professionals, experience exchange, solving industry problems and training. We organize and hold thematic events for the development of the financial services market.

Our advantages

Comparison service for credit cards, loans and other financial products

Popular online marketplace for currency exchange

Trustful bank ratings, user reviews, business news outlet

Distinguished brands in B2C and B2B segments

Our achievements


page views in 2016


users in 2016


generated leads since 2013


of exceptional reputation on the market

Our partners

We are proud to partner with some of the most successful companies in Ukraine and around the globe.